Johannes & Amity | Cape Cod Massachussets


Johannes & Amity

Cape Cod, MA

Earlier this year Johannes and Amity reached out and asked if I would be available to shoot their wedding on Cape Cod. I was stupid excited! I grew up traveling to the Cape for vacation and visit family. I lived there for a summer and worked. It is one of my favorite places, towns like “Sandwich”, “Falmouth”, “Mashpee” and “Chatham” evoke that classic euro vibe. Big, warm, east-coast beaches on the vineyard sound and shingled colonial-era houses make for quaint and cozy locations great for an afternoon and a book…or for a classically styled and impeccably detailed wedding.

(Also I wont pretend part of my love for the Cape isn’t at least partially a passion for houses and gardens that is rivaled only by a ladies supper club)

Then- they told me the date - and that excitement was crushed! I was booked already! We talked a little more and as we ended the call I joked that if they decided to change the date of their wedding I’d be there. I didn’t really expect that to happen though

Imagine my surprise when, a few months later, I got another call from Johannes saying they had moved the date to September, and was I interested in coming? Which, of course, I was! Without much effort I talked my bomb assistant into making the 14 hour drive (turned 16 hours) with me and we made our way to this beautiful destination wedding. It was a beautiful weekend, every detail was perfect. Amity did some incredible calligraphy work for the placecards, signs, and directions (And some incredible biscotti baking!). We also got the chance to just take a break from the craziness of life and just enjoy the beach, some seafood, rest, and family!

So after 30 hours in the car, 10 hours of photography, 3 days of wandering, and an unplanned trip to Niagara falls: here are some of our favorite shots from Johannes and Amity’s wedding! Enjoy!

Venue | Falmouth Historical Society and Museums on the Green | | @falmouthmehist
Florist | Vows Floral Design | /
Food & Bar | Chef Rolands Catering |
Rings | Melanie Casey | | @melaniecaseyjewelry
Calligraphy and Mirrors (And Biscotti) | Amity Higgins | @pretty_pithy

you politely ask me not to die and i promise not to
right from the beginning—a relationship based on
good sense and thoughtfulness in little things

i would like to be loved for such simple attainments
as breathing regularly and not falling down too often
or because my eyes are brown or my father left-handed
and to be on the safe side i wouldn’t mind if somehow
i became entangled in your perception of admirable objects
so you might say to yourself: i have recently noticed

how superbly situated the empire state building is
how it looms up suddenly behind cemeteries and rivers
so far away you could touch it—therefore i love you
part of me fears that some moron is already plotting
to tear down the empire state building and replace it
with a block of staten island mother/daughter houses

just as part of me fears that if you love me for my cleanliness
i will grow filthy if you admire my elegant clothes
i’ll start wearing shirts with sailboats on them
but i have decided to become a public beach an opera house
a regularly scheduled flight—something that can’t help being
in the right place at the right time—come take your seat

we’ll raise the curtain fill the house start the engines
fly off into the sunrise, the spire of the empire state
the last sight on the horizon as the earth begins to curve
— Robert Hershon | Superbly Situated