Artists: Calixta

This month I had the chance to pop up to Chicago to take pictures of Calixta, an incredibly talented DJ/VJ who has played an instrumental role in starting a Latin American EDM and dance Scene in the region. She also happens to be my cousin, who is amazing!

Isabel Calixta Buchanan-Arellano, "CaliXta", is a Chicago native who currently lives in Pilsen, a predominately latino neighborhood on the lower west side of Chicago. Much of her work has not only been in regards to visuals and DJ work but into the establishment of CumbiaSazo, a group of artists working to fuze the cultural heritage of Chicago's latino community with dance and club culture. CumbiaSazo holds a variety of community events and parties that highlight the rich latino culture in an enormous variety of ways from food to music, to visual arts and jewelry. 

if you have time: I encourage you to check out their website:! and take a look at a few of the shots I got of CaliXta!