Weddings: Angie and Randy Recap


Angie and Randy contacted me a few months ago about photographing their wedding. They informed me that it would be small and casual. With no sense of negativity I doubted that it would be very small: usually "small" means 150 people instead of 200. It's hard to scale back something as large as a wedding. 

Nevertheless they were indeed true to their word, and their wedding was a small and beautiful ceremony just for friends and family. The whole ceremony took place inside a small gazebo at a local park. Working with them was an amazing experience: Angie was a wonderful reminder of my days in marching band, there's a certain sense of humor there that you cant get anywhere else. Randy was a hilarious and relaxed man. The type of person you might want to hang out with and smoke cigars which, incidentally, was exactly what happened after their reception!

Here's a couple of shots from the day!

Alex GrodkiewiczComment